Regional development agency and Aeroscript to develop unmanned aerial technologies in Russia’s Sakhalin region

Sakhalin Region Development Corporation has signed a cooperation agreement with Aeroscript centred on a pilot project designed to support more accessible drone operations.  Today, 30 days are required to obtain a permission to fly a drone in Russia. The “Skyarc – Sakhalin” pilot project, which to be jointly implemented by the parties to the agreement, will help overcome the barrier to the development of new businesses, according to the Sakhalin press release.

There is a wide range of opportunities for UAVs in the Sakhalin Region. Drones can be used to transport medicines and mail, track spawning grounds in rivers, monitor ice conditions, search for fires and lost people in forests, monitor oil and gas pipelines. That is why it is so important to use digital services to simplify the process of obtaining flight permits and make sky more accessible, said Andrey Medvedev.

Drone eID (electronic identification) technology will be introduced on Sakhalin Island. As a result, specialized agencies and other air traffic participants will receive real-time information about flights. This will improve the safety of unmanned aviation use, open opportunities for urban and regional air mobility. Also, it will contribute to the transport connectivity of cities and towns in the Sakhalin Region.

Together with the Corporation, Aeroscript will test procedures for generating large data sets (big data) to process them using artificial intelligence, thus creating the groundwork for the development of new types of drone related businesses. Aeroscript will develop technologies for the contactless delivery of biomaterials, medical devices, and personal protective equipment in the interests of the regional health care, said Alexey Khripunov.

The parties to the agreement intend to organize interaction with the local community of drone pilots. Aeroscript will provide specially designed compact LTE transponders for testing eID in Sakhalin Region. The result of the events will be a set of services for the efficient and safe organization of unmanned air traffic. It will include technological, technical, regulatory aspects of the “Skyarc” digital platform. According to forecasts, by 2035, the share of unmanned aerial transportation in the provision of postal services will be 50% in sparsely populated and hard-to-reach areas and 30% in low-rise areas.

The cooperation agreement was signed in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Kirill Bogdanov and Deputy Prime Minister of Sakhalin Vyacheslav Alenkov during the Eastern Economic Forum, which takes place on Russky Island in Vladivostok annually. The document was signed by Director General of the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation Andrey Medvedev and Alexey Khripunov, Director General of Aeroscript on the margin of the Digital Transport and Logistic Association.

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