GUTMA announces two new task forces addressing UTM data exchange and standards alignment

The Global Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) Association GUTMA has announced two new task forces aimed at shaping the future of UTM:

  • USS Data Sharing Agreement: Headed up by Amanda Boekholt from Swiss regulator FOCA, this Task Force is creating a model agreement to streamline data exchange for UTM services.

The aim is to create a model agreement/standard clauses containing, in particular, clauses for the exchange of data used to provide UTM services. The field can of course be extended on request. The outcome of this TF is intended to simplify and harmonise the exchange of data between the USS. GUTMA would like to emphasise that this agreement is intended solely to serve the industry and not the authorities. The FOCA has no intention of intervening in the content of the clauses, but only of putting its experience and neutrality as an authority at the service of the drafting of such an agreement.

  • STM Standards mapping: Led by Wing’s Anjua Mahashabde, this Task Force will monitor the alignment of ASTM Standards F3411-22a and F3548-21 with U-space regulations and AMC/GM.

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