EASA invites comments on memorandum on flight testing for VTOL-capable aircraft

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published a Proposed Certification Memorandum CM-21.A-B-003 Function and Reliability Flight Testing for VTOL-capable aircraft. Comments are invited by 1 March 2024.
According to industry experts, a Certification Memorandum is a document that clarifies the intended general course of action of the EASA on a given topic. They are non-binding and are not the same as formally adopted means of compliance and guidance materials. They are used to prepare compliance to certification requirements.
▶️Function and Reliability (F&R) Flight Testing requirements are an important requirement that determine that an aircraft, and its parts and appliances are reliable and function properly when certificated. From large airplanes it is called route proving.
▶️ This memorandum identify two cases : enhanced and basic categories
Minimum number of hours is 150 hours in both cases. As a comparison for other aircraft it is 300 hours if the aircraft incorporate new turbine engines installed for the first time in an aircraft and 150 hours in all other cases
▶️For enhanced, the number of hours are increased by
▶️▶️ 150 hours if engines are new engines never used on another aircraft. Integrations benches may be used with agreement of EASA
▶️▶️ Another 150 hours if new technologies or safety critical functions are used. Integration benches may be used as above
▶️ In addition of duration, there are other important considerations on aircraft configuration and use and the flight test program.
View the memorandum here
Comments are welcome by 01 March

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