DJI replaces no fly zones in Europe with ED-269 UAS zones to reflect latest legislation

Drone manufacturer DJI has removed ‘No fly zones’ in Europe which prevent a drone from flying certain airspace with an unlocking procedure. Instead, the drone uses the ED-269 UAS zone format in line with European regulations introduced to indicate UAS geographic zones. According to Regulation 2019/947 (Article 15), the Member States of the European Union must publish their UAS geographical areas in a single, common digital format.
The areas presented by DJI are now aggregated according to this data and are classified as “Zones of Increased Caution”.

French drone services company Air Space Drone has updated its platform to include this feature, accessed on the application Air Space Drone comments that while private mission preparation platforms may include more specificities in their data layers, ED-269 remains the official European requirement.

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