AW-Drones project launches Drone Standards Info Portal, providing European ‘megastandard’ for UAS operators

The Drone Standards Info Portal is an online repository supporting EASA and the EC in their drone-related development actions. Developed as part of the EU-funded AW-Drones programme, the online repository supports the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the EC in their drone-related development actions. It will allow the quick identification of the suitable standards to apply a given mitigation stemming from the SORA methodology. Working like a compass, it is provides the “metastandard” in the EU that connects SORA to the existing industry standards, making the life of UAS operators easier.

Announcing the new resource, AW-Drones Deputy Coordinator Marco Ducci said the data is used to “evaluate what is covered by the standards, rank available standards, identify the appropriate standard for every application, and validate a set of standards applicable to different categories.” The aim is the make the information easier to access and is sourced from the European UAS Standards Coordination Group (EUSCG), US sources including ANSI, Eurocae, RTCA, ISO, ASTM, ADS-STAN among others.

AW-Drones members DeepBlue and EuroUSC Italia contributed to the development of the online information portal. They have also developed a web-based tool to facilitate the application of the SORA methodology: SAMWISE.

(Image: AW-Drones and SAMWISE: online tools facilitating UAS operations)

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