ASTM publishes F3623-23 standard, sets requirements for surveillance data services

International standards agency ASTM has published F3623-23 standard specification for surveillance supplementary data service providers (SDSP). The SDSP standard provides benchmark requirements for collecting air traffic surveillance data and then disseminating it to users. SDSPs can now develop data fusion capabilities for a single, fused track, eliminating the complexity and providing a “one-stop shop” for surveillance services.

The standard was introduced in January 2024.

SDSPs support UAS operators by supplying air traffic surveillance, weather, terrain, obstacle clearance and other data specific to the area of operation, particularly for the challenges at the under-400 feet airspace common to autonomous operations.

There are 3 pillars of this new standard:

(1) a live data stream of surveillance data, to feed the Detect And Avoid of a drone system;

(2) a live coverage map & health monitoring stream, to provide live coverage together with the parameters of the surveillance system and

(3) an SLA, to define responsibilities between supplier and user.

Developed through collaborative efforts and industry expertise, the standard provides essential guidelines and best practices for the provision of surveillance data for drone operations.

The project co-leaders, guiding the development and finalization of this standard, were INVOLI CEO Manu Lubrano, MatrixSpace Regulation Lead Akaki Kunchulia, and DroneUp Director Jacob Goldsberry.

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