AAUS responds to Australian government green paper guiding policy direction to 2050

The Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) has submitted recommendations in response to the Aviation Green Paper released by the Department for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts for consultation.

As the Green Paper is a key stage in the development of the Aviation White Paper which will set the policy direction for the aviation sector out to 2050, AAUS felt it was incredibly important to be part of the process and to provide an RPAS and AAM perspective. A lot of effort was put into its submission, through several meetings and gaining the feedback from our members, to put forward a comprehensive response from industry, says AAUS.

RPAS and AAM are set to become one of the largest and most impactful aviation sectors. From enhancing connectivity in rural areas to boosting sustainability in agriculture, the benefits are vast with the long-term vision to include highly automated aircraft for safe passenger and freight transport globally.

Australia’s unique challenges, like the tyranny of distance, position it to gain significantly from these advancements. RPAS and AAM promise to revitalise general aviation, drive manufacturing resurgence, and open new export avenues. They also align with sustainability goals, offering greener transport alternatives.

However, to secure leadership in this global shift, the government must accelerate its efforts. While initial policies are in place, faster implementation, commitment of resources, and a clear roadmap are crucial. Inadequate resourcing of safety authorities poses an immediate challenge, urging for a reform in the regulatory framework for UAS/RPAS.

AAUS is advocating for a whole-of-aviation approach, ensuring collaboration across sectors for successful integration into Australia’s airspace system. This evolution promises immense benefits, enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability. While global counterparts are reassessing airspace visions, Australia lacks a strategic roadmap, emphasizing the need for a national approach.

Despite these challenges, AAUS sees many opportunities for these emerging sectors. They can drive unprecedented levels of safety and prosperity, benefiting the entire aviation sector and the Commonwealth and AAUS is committed to transparent collaboration with all stakeholders, welcoming ongoing engagement for the full realisation of the UAS and AAM sector’s potential.

AAUS’ full submission to the Aviation Green Paper is available from the AAUS website here

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