US DoD selects Fortem Technologies’ counter UAS solutions

US Department of Defense (DoD) has selected Fortem Technologies’ DroneHunter platform and SkyDome System counter drone solutions in a contract awarded by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to counter improvised threats. Fortem is supplying its SkyDome, DroneHunter, DroneHangar and TrueView radar for a layered C-UAS solution to meet the needs of various military operations according to a company press release. Each Fortem solution is open architecture and designed to be customized to integrate with existing systems to meet different requirements including variables in terrain and environment, dynamic rules of engagement and security threat escalation processes.

Fortem also announced the addition of TrueView R30 radar to its product range for advanced drone detection and assessment. TrueView R30 is a mid-range solution designed to detect and mitigate rogue drones in areas where radio frequency (RF) and larger radar C-UAS solutions fail to detect autonomous dark drones.

The company’s SkyDome solution is an AI system designed to digitize airspace and fuse TrueView and other networked sensor outputs to autonomously monitor any environment in 3D.

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