US Army issues RFI to industry for CUAS turreted gun capability

The United States Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, anticipates a requirement to provide a Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) turreted gun-based capability (Notice ID PANRSA-24-P-0000-001618).

According to a posting on the US government procurement website:

“The purpose of this announcement is to gain knowledge of interest, capabilities, and qualification of businesses to compete and perform a hybrid type contract with fixed price and cost reimbursable requirements. This announcement supports the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 10 Market Research requirement.

The Integrated Fires Rapid Capabilities Office -International (IFRCO-I) plans, coordinates and synchronizes programmatics, logistics, training, and technical management of international systems of systems, delivering emerging and rapid development Short Range Air Defense and Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems capabilities to foreign partners.

“The contractor shall be capable of designing, documenting, manufacturing, and integrating a CUAS gun-based solution.

Requirements include:

  • The system shall have the ability to engage and destroy UAS using a cannon with rapid fire and automatic aiming controlled by an operator.
  • The system shall be mobile (e.g., vehicle mounted).
  • The system shall have a command and control system capable of displaying air tracks and passing tracks to the gun system.
  • The system shall have an active radar.
  • The system shall have means of Electro-Optical and InfraRed (EO/IR) detection.
  • The system shall be able to raise the sensor and communication suite above a 10-meter tree line.
  • The system shall have a radio meshnet.

The Government requests information on the following system aspects:

  • Caliber and type of ammunition and gun to include percussion or electrical priming and performance data against Group 3 UAS (20-600kg gross takeoff weight).
  • Proposed turret and relevant technical specifications, (i.e., Size, Weight, Power, and Cost [SWaP-C], slew rate and acceleration, stability, environmental testing conducted).
  • Interfaces between system components.
  • Ability of the system to receive and external track.
  • Proposed radar model and relevant technical specifications (i.e., SWaP-C, detection range against a -15dBsm target moving at less than 127 m/s, with false alarm rate and track continuity information, spinning vs. staring, band, and number of simultaneous tracks).
  • On the move capability.
  • Proposed EO/IR camera and relevant technical specifications (i.e., SWaP-C, detection, classification, and identification range against a rear mounted piston engine against a Group 3 target).
  • Emplacement and displacement time and any performance degradation for incomplete setup still capable of executing basic missions.
  • Number of rounds per engagement (average) and number of rounds carried on system.
  • Platform that the system is integrated onto, i.e., commercial truck, HMMWV, FMTV, etc.
  • Recommended logistics concepts with anticipated costs for two years of sustainment (spares and services).
  • Proposed data rights assertions.”

Deadline for responses is March 22, 2024

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