India’s Border Security Force issues tender for counter-UAS system

India’s Border Security Force (BSF) has issued a tender for counter-UAS system that can detect and destroy a lone or swarm of drones.

According to the tender document the system should be ground and vehicle based and comprise a radar, RF receiver, electro optic sensor, jammer and system controller. The system should be able to track multiple UAVs and be capable of neutralising the objects by jamming radio and GPS frequency links.

The radar must have a 360 degree capability and a tracking accuracy of 10m at 10km; the RF receiver must operate in detection frequency bands 20MHz to 8GHz with a detection time of 10 seconds; the electro optic sensor comprises a day/night camera; the jammer must comprise GPS jamming time within 10seconds of detection and the system controller includes a MIL-STD 15.6 inch display.

The system “should be capable of real time scan, detect, track and neutralis(ing) flying objects (like multi copters, fixed wing UAVs and radio controlled UAVs in different categories in specified ranges) in 360 degrees…system should be scalable and support open architecture to integrate additional sensors like acoustic sensors, Lidar etc for future enhancement/upgrades.”

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