Ukraine Minister highlights capabilities of latest counter-UAS system on front line

Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, has been highlighting the capabilities of the most recently deployed indigenous counter-UAS system serving on the front line in the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The AD Counter FPV system, developed by Kvertus Technology, based in Kyiv, emits white noise in the 850-940MHz range, according to Fedorov, severing the communications links of first-person view (FPV) drones with their operators. The disruption covers a radius of 250m (though some operational sources indicate an effective range of 150m), even when drone and operator are separated by up to 3,000m and the 5kg (with battery) system requires less than one second to activate. Light anc compact, easily installed on vehicles, AD Counter FPV is reportedly regarded by operators as one of the most efficient portable counter-UAS systems available to them. The manufacturer has now developed a backpack variant incorporating a two-hour battery pack to increase its tactical flexibility even further.

Anecdotal evidence from volunteers who have purchased the system to send to operational units suggests the unit price is around UAH 90,000 (currently approx. USD 1,900).

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(Image: The AD Counter FPV system, now also available in a backpack variant, is no being actively deployed on the front line. Credit: Kvertus Technology)

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