Ukraine launches new home-grown electronic warfare systems to counter Russian drone threats

Ukraine has developed a new EW system to counter Russian drones – the Piranha AVD 360 – according to recent statements from Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technological Development, Mykhailo Fedorov.

Designed to create a defensive shield at up to 600m from the transmitter and disrupt the hostile drone by interrupting its C2 signals, the Piranha is a national-level response to one of the most notable lessons of the current conflict – the massive (and escalating) effect of drones in military and security operations. The system has completed testing and is ready for series production, according to Fedorov.

The minister also indicated another potential application for the EW systems: it will jam satellite navigation signals, including Russia’s GLONASS system, on which much of its precision strike potential depends. The proof of the pudding, however, will be in the eating and Unmanned Airspace look forward to being able to report on future experience with Piranha.

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(Image: The potential the Piranha may have to neutralise the effectiveness of a major modern UAS such as the S-70 Okhotnik could make a vast difference to the current Russo-Ukrainian confrontation. Credit: Russian MoD)

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