Turkey’s ASELSAN shows new C-UAS laser weapon among air defence systems at IDEF

Turkish defence manufacturer ASELSAN has exhibited four new air defence systems at the IDEF defence show.

According to ASELSAN General Manager Ahmet Akyol: “Our four new systems, named after our heavenly homeland, will provide our security forces with important capabilities in the field. The first of the products we launched is our GÜRZ Hybrid Air Defense System. GÜRZ stands out as an innovative air and missile defense system that offers multiple interceptors against very low and low altitude air threats of our ASELSAN. The GÖKSUR Near Air Defense Missile System, which will be added to our reliable solutions that are in active use in the field of air and missile defense, draws attention as another national system we exhibited at IDEF. GÖKSUR will be able to perform air and missile defense missions against the threat set in Mavi Vatan, including anti-ship missiles, Armed/Unarmed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, cruise missiles, warplanes and helicopters.

“GÖKBERK, which we have developed with national resources, can perform the physical destruction of threats using laser weapons and functional destruction by using the Kangal mixer subsystem. Another product that excites us all and will form the backbone of our country’s air defence is the GÖKDEMİR Launch System. We aimed to use the air-air missiles of the GÖKDEMİR Launch System for land-based air defense. GÖKDEMİR Launch System; It will perform air and missile defense missions against threats including warplanes, Armed/Unarmed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles and helicopters.

“These four systems, which will give our security forces a significant tactical advantage in the protection of the sky homeland, will not only eliminate foreign dependency, but also make a name for themselves as products with far superior performance than equivalent systems.”

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