Skylark Labs demonstrates C-UAS system to US Defense Department

Skylark Labs recently conducted a successful demonstration of its counter-uncrewed aerial system (C-UAS) for United States Department of Defense stakeholders. The company demonstrated its AI-enabled ARIES system (Aerial Reconnaissance & Elimination System), designed to detect and track rogue drones, which was selected by the U.S. Air Force’s Phase II SBIR programme in February.

The demonstration included representatives from the Defense Innovation Unit and provided an opportunity for Skylark Labs to highlight ARIES’ ability to detect and track drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). By analysing the trajectories of detected drones, the system is able to differentiate between friendly and hostile systems.

During the demonstration that simulated rogue drone incursions in various scenarios, ARIES successfully detected drones at long ranges, tracked their flight paths, and correctly identified potential threats based on trajectories and behaviors. The system also demonstrated its ability to provide an early warning system for incoming drones to enable a rapid response.

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