Securiton Germany and D-Fend Solutions collaborate to deliver drone detection in Germany

Counter drone company D-Fend has partnered with Securiton Germany to provide drone detection and defence solutions in Germany. The collaboration will leverage Securiton’s expertise in security systems and D-Fend Solutions’ advanced RF cyber-takeover technology. The solutions resulting from this partnership will provide comprehensive coverage from ground to air to mitigate drone threats in German airspace.

According to the press release, Securiton takes over direct sales and marketing for Germany as well as conception, planning, technology and support of the drone security systems. D-Fend focuses on research, development and innovation of the state-of-the-art drone takeover product Enforce Air.

They combined their strengths and merged next-gen sensors for drone detection and defense with Securiton’s award-winning C2 software solution into a comprehensive system for 3D object and perimeter security, which one would call ‘dome security’ – complete coverage of the ground to air. There is nothing else on the market like this, says enthusiastic Jochen Geiser, product manager for drone security at Securiton.

RF Cyber ​​is the name of the technology behind Enforce Air from D-Fend. Additionally embedded in Securiton’s perimeter management system, it creates a product family that detects and also fends off stationary or mobile drones, depending on requirements.

he Securidrone Fortress system in its various variants includes the 3D UAS detection and tracking solutions, the early and false alarm-free detection of possible threats with quick assessment. This creates a path from threat detection, classification, tracking, identification and verification to the deployment of appropriate countermeasures, such as the controlled takeover of the drone.

Instead of an operator, alarm zones with an automated workflow are stored. The probability of possible collateral damage is reduced, and the technology is designed not to affect other communication systems. Authorized drones are also identified (friend/foe recognition).

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