Poland’s Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów “trials integrated RADA radar and machine gun C-UAS”

Bulgarianmilitary.com and Poland’s Defence24 report that Poland’s Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów has tested its anti-drone system built on the RADA multifunction radar and the Browning-type 12.7mm WKLM machine gun.

According to Defence24 the RADA radar can track large aircraft and small drones; if the drone is from a nano class, the radar “catches” it up to 3 km, if it is a micro BA up to 5 km, and a mini class drone is detected at a distance of at least 10 km.

“12.7mm machine gun WKLM is Browning-type. It can make 3600 shots in one minute,” reports Bulgarianmilitary.com. “The machine gun is connected to both radar and visual and thermal imaging cameras, a laser rangefinder that can automatically point the weapon system if the radar detects a drone 10 km away. Defense24 also writes that in addition to the aforementioned connected devices, the weapon system has an operator station. In this way, the entire weapon system can be controlled remotely. Another application of the anti-drone weapon system is that, according to some experts, it can easily be used as a short-range air defense system.”

“Three modes of operation are programmed: fully manual, in which the operator directs the firing agent to the target using a manipulator, semi-automatic, in which the operator’s actions are supported by automatic tracking of the object in the video path and automatic mode in which the target can be captured automatically, and the operator decides to fire at the exact time specified by the system.”

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