Pentagon to set up defense department counter drone school in Oklahoma

The Pentagon’s counter drone programme launched earlier this year plans to set up a counter drone school at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, reports DroneDJ. The US Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO) has identified a lack of training across joint forces when it comes to neutralizing drone threats as the result of an assessment completed earlier this year. Unmanned Airspace reported initiatives already underway in an article published in February and an article in September, and the JCO announced further developments during a counter drone open house on 30 October 2020.

The JCO’s counter drone programme aims to teach the fundamentals of taking down rogue drones on the battlefield. This will be taught to all services and ensure a baseline of knowledge is set. Identifying and taking action on aerial threats will also be taught. To continue to improve the program, quarterly and half-yearly data will be sent out to share the lessons learned over the previous time period.

According to DroneDJ, the JCO plans to build a counter-drone school at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The school will use what has been previously taught at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

It is estimated that the training system will become fully operational by 2025. Until then, the Yuma Proving Ground will continue to be used for counter-drone training. The current program is also currently undergoing a few changes based on feedback collected from those that have already taken the course.

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