Netline Communications launches new C-Guard Microsystem – a manpack counter-IED and C-UAS solution

Netline Communications Technologies launched its C-Guard Microsystem on 31 October – an EW system designed to counter threats from both IEDs and hostile drones.

The compact, portable, full-coverage EOD jamming unit has been designed for use by military and law enforcement units in a variety of scenarios, including anti-terrorist missions and is launched against the continuing background of IDF involvement in complex field operations. The system’s modularity lends itself to significant mission flexibility and adaptation and is scalable, allowing for customisation while preserving the proven features of the C-Guard series. The company identifies the system’s modularity as a new development that enables responses to be conducted against both drones and IEDs without compromising coverage.

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(Image: The C-Guard Modular Manpack will counter threats from IEDs and UAS. Credit: Netline Communications Technologies)

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