MARSS to participate in Red Sands C-UAS exercise

Companies will demonstrate counter uncrewed aerial systems (C-UAS) technologies at the annual Red Sands exercise in Fort Drum, between 26 July to 8 August 2024. The exercise serves as a dress rehearsal for the third edition of the Saudi Arabia Red Sands 24.2, scheduled for September. 

The theme for this year’s exercise, organised by ARCENT and DEVCOM in coordination with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defence is the networking of sensors and countermeasures. 

MARSS will be joining partners to demonstrate the integration of sensors and effectors into its NiDAR technology, featuring artificial intelligence capabilities. The event will provide hands-on experience of how NiDAR can support in defeating hostile UAS. 

MARSS offers a C4 that is scaled down to an essential C2 between the sensors. At the upcoming exercise, NiDAR has been selected as the C2 system to integrate C-UAS effectors from the United States. MARSS is able to integrate with a number of effectors, including mobile and long-range systems, to give NiDAR the ability to defeat up to CAT3 drone threats. 

MARSS is partnering with third parties on future C4 proposals, allowing the company to expand into other domains including autonomous vessels across the marine industry.

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