Liteye releases T-AUDS, a combined on-the-move and fixed-site Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solution

Counter drone company Liteye Systems has released a Trailer Anti-UAS Defense System (T-AUDS) which the manufacturer describes as an on-the-move and fixed-site Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) Solution.

According to the Liteye press release, T-AUDS is a multi-domain awareness and protection package, capable of detecting and defeating RF controlled and silent flight drones while mobile, then transiting from on-the-move to static in less than two minutes, with full capabilities being brought to bear in defense of a location.

Liteye has integrated AUDS and Citadel’s Titan 3 radio frequency detection into the T-AUDS for enhanced detection, identification, and defeat methods across the full C-UAS mission.

T-AUDS provides an on-the-move and static C-UAS capability that includes physical stand-off when necessary and minimizes vulnerabilities during strategic mission sets.

The integration of these sensors and effectors on a T-AUDS provide:

  • C-UAS protection during on-the-move operations, transition to fixed site security, and during sustained fix site or operating base protection missions.
  • Detect, track, ID and defeat of both RF controlled and “Silent Flight” threats
  • Compatibility with the C-AUDS & MEDUSA Command and Control.
  • Vehicle on-the-move C-UAS protection (max speed is determined by vehicle towing T-AUDS; the system can detect and defeat RF controlled threats at any speed)
  • Minimized vulnerability when transitioning from on-the-move to at-the-halt operations.
  • Radar, camera detection, tracking and positive ID occurs quickly with directional jamming
  • Remote or wireless operation along with the trailer provides physical stand-off of T-AUDS from the operator and/or protected areas when necessary.

T-AUDS consists of Technical Readiness Level (TRL) 9 components currently operational in the US Air Force containerised-AUDS systems and also incorporates the Citadel Titan 3 radio frequency detection and defeat system as an added layer of capability.

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