INTERPOL publishes policy guide to stadium operators seeking C-UAS protection

INTERPOL has published a new study ‘Stadia Protection and Mitigation from Drone Incursion and Threats’. The publication is a collaboration between INTERPOL Project Stadia based in Lyon and DroneAlert.

“Our goal was clear – create comprehensive Guidelines that provide law enforcement agencies around the world with critical insights into responding to a drone incursion at a mass sporting event,” said Christopher Church, Senior Forensics Specialist at INTERPOL, in a LinkedIn post. “These Guidelines serve as an international framework aimed at enhancing our collective defense against potential threats posed by irresponsible or malicious use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). As UAS technology continues to proliferate rapidly across industries, it is paramount for security forces globally to stay ahead with robust countermeasures.”

The study outlines key considerations when responding to a drone incursion, structured methodologies for rigorous testing and evaluation and best practices ensuring operational effectiveness and deployment readiness

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