INTERPOL progresses its programme to develop C-UAS standardised testing methodology

INTERPOL’s Project COURAGEOUS recently completed the first testing and assessment of drone countermeasure systems in Athens, Greece, as a key step towards establishing selection, testing and evaluation criteria for Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) used in law enforcement agency (LEA) applications, according to a Linkedin post from  Christopher Church, Senior Forensics Specialist at INTERPOL. “Through our rigorous methodology we tested multiple technologies on an operational scenario as they would be used by LEAs today – allowing us to assess their performance accurately under varying conditions,” reported the post.

According to INTERPOL, Project Courageous will develop a standardized methodology for testing and selecting countermeasure systems that can be used to detect and track a drone that enters protected airspace or a no-fly zone. This methodology will be based on a series of standard scenarios that represent a wide range of locations and situations, for example, security at prisons, airports, critical infrastructure and borders, and countering drug and human trafficking.

“Three specific drone threat scenarios will be created, according to the operational and functional needs defined by the end users,” says the organisation’s website. “Three validation trials will then be carried out in Belgium, Greece and Spain respectively, against which counter-UAS technology will be used to try to locate and identify both drone and pilot. Using the results from the validation trials, a comprehensive test methodology will be developed to allow an objective qualitative and quantitative comparison between different counter-UAS tools.

“In the short term, the standardized test methodology will lead to a much better understanding of the capabilities needed to counter UAS among law enforcement agencies, not only among Courageous partners, but also within the European Union network of law enforcement agencies and on a global scale via INTERPOL.In the medium-to-long term, a more extensive set of commercial counter-UAS will be tested using the Courageous methodology, which will also allow developers of such systems to make design decisions based upon quantitative data.”

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