Indra, Escribano and TRC team up to develop C-UAS technology

Indra, Escribano Mechanical and Engineering and Grupo TRC have signed a collaboration agreement to form a counter-uncrewed aerial system (C-UAS) joint venture.

The companies bring combined military C-UAS experience, including Indra’s CROW system and Escribano and TRC’s involvement with the Spanish Army’s Cervus project. Indra and Escribano are also participants in the European projects Jey-CUAS and E-CUAS that will launch in 2025. In addition, Indra and Escribano have previously formalised a joint venture for the development of a directed energy laser weapon system to counter drones (DIAL program).

Together the three companies will work to develop C-UAS technology that can be adapted for deployment and integration into land and naval platforms or for the protection of critical infrastructure. 

Indra, Escribano and TRC began discussions at a July 2022 NATO summit, where the companies were selected to show their different C-UAS technologies. 

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Image: Vehicle-deployed Cervus III system (TRC photo)

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