India develops counter drone technology for domestic and overseas markets

India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is focused on developing next-generation anti-drone technology according to an article published by New Indian Express. The organisation’s Drone Detect, Deter and Destroy system (D4S) counter drone system, manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), is the first indigenously developed anti-drone system to be inducted into the Indian Armed Forces. DRDO plans to export the technology to other countries in the near future, says New Indian Express.

The report states: “Speaking at the Digital Innovation Alliance (DIA) -G20 event in Bengaluru on Saturday, BK Das, distinguished scientist and Director of General Electronics and Communication Systems at DRDO said, “It has the capability to detect rogue drones and instantly jam micro drones called soft kill. D4S can also use a laser to destroy the drone called a hard-kill.” The anti-drone tech can detect and jam micro-drones at a distance of up to 3 km and can lase a target 1-1.25 km. D4S was also displayed at the Aero India 2023 in February.

“Das added that India has massive potential for export and will soon make a consortium of countries to export its products. Calling DRDO “the backbone of armed forces in the country”, he said the organisation is striving to build an ecosystem for indigenously developed systems while also making them ready for exports. Speaking about DRDO’s most exported items, Das said “Radars have become huge objects of desire for several countries and India has exported many of these systems that earlier we imported. We have requests from African countries, some from the far east and even from countries such as Brazil and South America,” he said.

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