HYUNDAI WIA “successfully trials non-lethal air burst C-UAS munition technology”

HYUNDAI WIA reports it has successfully conducted trials of its new counter -UAS system which features the use of non-lethal air burst munitions.

“HYUNDAI WIA conducted the shooting test focusing on the hard kill function,” said the company in a press release. “It demonstrated the use of optics mechanisms to identify, track, and shoot down drones detected from a distance. HYUNDAI WIA did not only shoot down drones that were captured using the soft kill method but also successfully shot down a free maneuvering drone that failed to be caught using the soft kill method.

“HYUNDAI WIA developed its anti drone system (ADS) to neutralize enemy drones in any given situation. It uses radar for long-range detection and optics mechanisms to clearly identify and track the drones. HYUNDAI WIA also developed a hard-kill method to take down drones in situations where soft-kill methods can hardly be applied. Such challenging situations and events include jamming, spoofing, which is to take control of the drone, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Drones can be shot down by using the Remote Control Weapon System (RCWS) and ABM that the military has already been operating.

“HYUNDAI WIA has also developed the ADS to work with 40mm Non-lethal Air Burst Munition (Streamers), which can minimize damage to civilians. Streamers contain dozens of plastic straps, which explode upon interception and bring down the drone by winding plastic straps around to rotor. In the future, HYUNDAI WIA plans to use 40mm Lethal Air Burst Munition (Steel Balls) to counter fixed-wing drones.

“HYUNDAI WIA is also developing a vehicle-type ADS to shoot down fast-moving drones in a timely manner. HYUNDAI WIA plans to unveil the vehicle-type ADS at Seoul ADEX 2023, the largest defense business exhibition, held at the Seoul Aiport in October.”

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