Hensoldt’s Twinvis air defence/C-UAS passive radar enters market

Hensoldt’s Twinvis passive radar is now available in a fully integrated shelter version for military applications. A dedicated production line at the company’s Ulm facilities means requirements for both existing and new operators can be met within very short timeframes, the company announced on 4 August.

Passive radar, which locates targets by processing reflected signals from non-integrated transmitters, offers users the capacity for both covert operations and long-range detection. The digital technology embodied in Twinvis makes it applicable to civil applications such as air traffic management, as well as missions such as integrated air defence or counter-UAS. Twinvis Military Sheltered is easily deployable on a wide range of vehicles, and can be set up and broken down in situ by just two personnel. Modular systems architecture enables, for example, processing of multiple frequency bands and the capability to implement future incremental upgrades rapidly.

“Our fully automated, intelligent signal processing and sensor data fusion opens up an unprecedented possibility for armed forces to conduct covert operations at long range for a wide range of targets up to and including stealth threats,” said Markus Rothmaier, Head of Naval & Ground Radars for Hensoldt. “The ‘Twinvis’ is highly mobile and networkable in real time for this purpose. And it can do so either as an autonomously operating cluster of several distributed passive radars or paired with powerful air defence systems with active radar sensors”.

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(Image: Several users within and outside NATO have already contracted Hensoldt to provide ‘Twinvis Sheltered’ systems – Hensoldt)

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