Flex Force delivers 1000th Dronebuster hand-held drone countermeasure system

Flex Force Enterprises reports delivery of its 1000th Dronebuster hand-held drone countermeasure. Flex Force designed the Dronebuster in 2017 to be an effective, low-cost drone countermeasure. After fielding the 1000th system, Drone Force continues to diversify the Dronebuster product line to now include multiple variants.

This year will see production deliveries of the latest Satellite Navigation Attack feature along with other performance and durability upgrades to the Dronebuster family of products. Flex Force CEO Jake Sullivan noted: “We continue to develop and upgrade the Dronebuster to match the evolving drone threat. The Dronebuster continues to be the most effective and easy-to-use hand-held countermeasure for our US and international partners.” The Dronebuster is being marketed for authorised US Government and International government end-use only. Flex Force will have the Dronebuster and ASP products on display at various U.S. and international trade shows this year.

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