Epirus completes US Army tests for HPM systems

Epirus has delivered the final two of four total Indirect Fire Protection Capability – High-Power Microwave (IFPC-HPM) systems to the US Army and successfully completed both New Equipment Training (NET) and Engineering Developmental Testing (EDT) with the US Army. Completion of NET and EDT puts the US Army closer to fielding HPM operationally.

EDT was conducted throughout April to assess the military utility and effectiveness of the IFPC-HPM system against uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and UAS swarms using a range of increasingly complex flight patterns. EDT was also an opportunity for the soldiers from the unit that will eventually take possession of the systems to operate this capability following the NET they completed at their home station in March.

Data collected during EDT will inform the Army Test and Evaluation Command’s test report for IFPC-HPM, which will be used by the Department of Defense to guide follow-on programming, budget, and operational utilisation of the counter-UAS system.

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