Duta Technology unveils second-generation Wolf-II handheld C-UAS system

At the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX 2023) in the South Korean capital 17-20 October, local firm Duta Technology revealed what it terms the second generation of its Wolf handheld counter-UAS system.

Offering soft-kill functionality by disrupting drone C2 signals and communications, the indigenously-developed 6kg system is already in service with the Korean armed forces, Unmanned Airspace understands. It offers operators the opportunity to disrupt drone electronics at between 900-1,000 metres, is battery powered and has an operational endurance of approx. one hour before requiring new or recharged batteries.

For more information: DUTA TECHNOLOGY (duta-rnd.com)

(Image: Although the detector itself is a handheld device, a complete Wolf-II system includes a tripod-mounted spotting/tracking system. Credit: Duta Technology)

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