DroneShield sponsors and teams with Australian Defence Force Drone Racing Association

Droneshield has teamed with the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Drone Racing Association, becoming a team sponsor. The teaming will enhance its C-UAS system design, operational learning and field tactics, the company announced on 7 November.

The ADF Drone Racing Association is represented by the ADF’s fastest drone racing pilots from the Navy, Army and Air Force and has achieved considerable success since its formation in 2017.

The sponsorship and collaboration will include:

  • Systematically testing DroneShield equipment against the drones deployed by the Association, enabling two-way development of both DroneShield’s C-UAS systems and the Association’s drone arsenal, influencing further development;
  • Collaboration around system design, operational learning and field tactics, including drone swarming attack patterns;
  • Deepening of relationships between Australia’s foremost minds in drones in military applications and sovereign C-UAS capability development.

“The ADF Drone Racing Association contains some of the best drone pilots in the country in the military context, flying small, ultra-fast drones at over 150km/hr, in unique and challenging settings […] This is a significant red-teaming opportunity for DroneShield to continue to stay at the edge of C-UAS capabilities globally,” said CEO, Oleg Vornik.

For more information: www.droneshield.com

(Image: ADF Drone Racing Association operators piloting drones through an artillery barrage from ADF M777 units. Credit: DroneShield)





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