Dedrone reports strong global sales of counter drone technology, surpassing 1,000 sensors

Counter drone company Dedrone reports 250% revenue growth year-over-year for its counter drone technology. The company has sold more than 1,000 sensors and continues to expand its global footprint. The global airspace security company experiences continued momentum in customer installations, with active deployments in 33 countries. Customers span key industries, including defense and homeland security, critical infrastructure, airports, correctional facilities and corporate enterprises.

Dedrone detects, identifies, and locates nearly 250 different drone types and can provide mitigation when authorised for use. The company’s drone library leverages a machine-learning and AI validation process to deliver detection of varied drone types and manufacturers.

Dedrone provides airspace security to four of the G7 nation governments, including the United States Department of Defence. Over 700 DedroneDefender guns have been deployed to defend airspace against drones without compromising safety or risking collateral damage. In 2020, Dedrone entered a strategic partnership with General Dynamics Mission Systems, and in 2021, jointly released the Dedrone Expeditionary Kit, allowing users to rapidly deploy and set up Dedrone technology within a mission area of responsibility in less than an hour.

Dedrone has successfully demonstrated initial integration into the US Army’s Forward Area Air Defence Command and Control (FAAD C2) software and is an active and regular participant in U.S. federally sponsored events, including the current Department of Homeland Security Air Domain Awareness testing event.

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