Dedrone launches new vehicle-mounted counter drone system

Dedrone has launched a new airspace security system, DedroneOnTheMove (DedroneOTM), which was developed in partnership with customers, partners and defence suppliers including Supacat. It will be on display at Eurosatory from June 17-21 in Paris.  

Created as a response to the paradigm shift in warfare, DedroneOTM is equipped with Dedrone’s counter-uncrewed aerial systems (C-UAS) command and control (C2) sensor-fusion platform, DedroneTracker.AI. The vehicle-mounted DedroneOTM solution offers detection, tracking, identification and mitigation (DTI-M), using DedroneSensors combined with mitigation from the company’s smart handheld jammer (DedroneDefender) to deliver a C-UAS DTI-M kill chain for small drones. DedroneSensors draws from the DedroneDNA library that is capable of identifying over 200 different drone types, including the Orlan-10, from 70 manufacturers, including DJI and Zala, as well as many homemade and FPV drones. 

The new DedroneOTM offers a targeting capability with an accuracy of 2.5 degrees offering kinetic kill viability, as well as passive RF detection sensors. It is supplied with a ruggedised on-vehicle computer tablet with networking, and a telescopic mast is available as an option. The system has been designed to meet MIL-STD-810H weather and vibration specifications.

DedroneOTM is intended to be compatible with any military vehicle currently in the field, and Dedrone has established a new partnership with Supacat, which will enable all variants in Supacat’s HMT family of vehicles to be equipped with DedroneOTM as a standard modular feature. 

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