Dedrone launches cloud-based City-Wide Drone detection system for remote C-UAS

Dedrone has launched its City-Wide Drone Detection solution,  available in 40 major cities across the globe, including the three largest cities in the US (New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago).

Dedrone’s City-wide solution is immediately available to C-UAS personnel in their Security Operating Center (SOC) or on their phone without any hardware install.  “Dedrone has the infrastructure in place to cover 50% of the US population with City-Wide Drone Detection”, said the company in a press release.

“Dedrone’s City-Wide Drone Detection solution is the largest global network of urban drone detection services, designed to be easily accessible with simple login credentials for both law enforcement and security professionals. Entirely cloud-based, City-Wide Drone Detection is available on the web and via the App Store and Google Play for both fixed-site and on-the-move monitoring. The system’s database of drone information covers three years and over 240 million drone detections’ worth of drone behavior, including FAA violations.

“City-Wide Drone Detection requires no additional equipment or installation. Instead, using existing infrastructure, the system monitors multiple drones and geographical areas at once with a streamlined alerting system that provides a notification with a pilot’s location and drone data as soon as an alert zone is breached.

“Accessing the system is as easy as sharing the geographical area you’re interested in as a security professional. Once your credentials are confirmed, we provide you with a secure login, and you can then access the system. With so many drones already flying in our skies, there is a significant risk of interruptions to our favorite sporting events, outdoor concerts, or even airplane flights.

“Dedrone ‘s City-Wide Drone Detection means that critical infrastructure facilities, venues and airports can work together even more closely with law enforcement to keep cities safe — and make sure drones that are being used for deliveries or to record footage, for example, can fly effectively.

“Internationally, Dedrone City-Wide Drone Detection has been implemented in Barcelona; it was the site of some of our earliest pilot programs in 2021 and is now one of the 40 cities already in our network, where it has been used to help protect events like F1 races and other major events.

“As part of our efforts to make this technology easy to utilize for security professionals and law enforcement alike, Dedrone is offering a two-week free trial to qualified applicants. Any security team for a critical infrastructure site qualifies.”

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Dedrone City-Wide Drone Detection page

Watch the video below for a look at the system in action:

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