Counter drone company Open Works Engineering seeks senior software engineer

Counter drone company Open Works Engineering invites applicants for the role of Senior Software Engineer to develop advanced software to power company products. This includes optical tracking systems using in-house AI computer vision technology to detect, track and intercept drones. Software is developed in-house specifically for the company’s hardware platforms. The work covers initial architecture design, specifying hardware, OS and libraries, code writing and review, source control and release management. The candidate will work closely with mechanical and electrical engineers during the design and test of products.

Optionally, the role may also include computer vision AI development, including testing and implementing new AI algorithms, managing the development of training datasets and producing new models for deployment onto edge hardware.

OpenWorks primarily uses C/C++ for its embedded software development, and C# for its desktop software, alongside Python for its AI development. The role involves a significant amount of time working with our products for development and testing, and so is primarily an on-site role.

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