Canadian Army “issues urgent operational request” for counter-UAS systems”

Multiple news sources report that the Canadian Army is fast-tracking its purchase of counter-UAS systems to its troops stationed in Latvia.

According to TFI Global News: “the Canadian Army will buy a counter-drone system to be used for Operation Reassurance, the Canadian Forces mission in eastern Europe. The equipment is being classified as an Urgent Operational Requirement, the same process used during the Afghanistan war to speedily obtain gear without going through the slower traditional procurement process.”

In September 2019, Canada’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) programme hosted a sandbox challenge in Suffield, Alberta, selected a dozen companies to demonstrate how they might identify, track and even destroy individual and swarming drones.

According to an August 2022 article in Canadian Army Today: “This October, IDEaS is going back to the sandbox to gauge how counter UAS technology has evolved and evaluate how well it can be integrated with Canadian Armed Forces command and control systems.”

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(Image: Canadian Army)

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