Bluvec Technologies launches ADS-B based detection and tracking system

Canadian C-UAS company Bluvec Technologies has announced the launch of a new feature to the RF Blusensor.

“The ADS-B based detection and tracking system is now officially available for customers, providing enhanced capabilities for detecting and surveilling aircraft,” according to the company.

“The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology is a crucial component of air traffic management systems, allowing for safer and more efficient use of airspace. By using GPS technology to determine the aircraft’s position and broadcasting that information to other aircraft and ground stations, ADS-B provides real-time communication of aircraft position, speed, and altitude information. ADS-B technology has many advantages over traditional systems, including higher accuracy, more excellent coverage, and lower maintenance costs. It also provides additional information such as traffic data, which can improve safety and efficiency.

“Blusensor’s new ADS-B-based detection and tracking system significantly enhances its capabilities, providing a valuable tool for airports and other facilities.

“It is significant for Smart Cities’ aerospace traffic management, including Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM). It can make Blusensors even more potent for situational awareness, UAV, and manned aircraft management.”

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