BlueHalo contracted to provide logistics support to PHEL directed energy C-UAS system

BlueHalo has been awarded a four-year logistics support contract to provide preventative and corrective maintenance along with operator and maintenance team training for BlueHalo’s P-HEL system.

The Palletized High Energy Laser (P-HEL) system was developed by BlueHalo in support of the U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) to engage and eliminate small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) threats to forces and critical infrastructure.

This newly awarded contract establishes BlueHalo as the full-cycle lead system integrator from prototype development to frontline operations for the P-HEL system”, according to the company.

“With this contract, BlueHalo is now providing full-scale Directed Energy support to our customers–at home through advanced innovation, in the field through maintenance and training support, and strategically through operational guidance and battlespace management,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, BlueHalo Chief Executive Officer.

As the foundation of P-HEL, BlueHalo’s LOCUST Laser Weapon System (LWS) combines precision optical and laser hardware with advanced software, artificial intelligence (AI), and processing to enable and enhance the directed energy “kill chain”. LOCUST LWS addresses the inherent need for mobility and quick deployment–tracking, identifying, and engaging of a wide variety of targets with its hard-kill high energy laser.

In April 2022, BlueHalo delivered its first mature prototype of the P-HEL system. The U.S. Army RCCTO deployed the unit overseas, where it commenced operational employment in November 2022. Earlier this year, BlueHalo’s second P-HEL was delivered and deployed overseas. Both P-HEL systems have undergone preventative and corrective maintenance in the field, to maintain operational tempo and continue operator system training.

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