Black Sage demonstrates counter drone technology at US Army DiDEX event

Black Sage has showcased its Sawtooth Mesh Network to the US Army and other military organizations at Defense-in-Depth-Experiment (DiDEX) 3. The event is designed to demonstrate counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) in a real urban environment.

According to Black Sage, its Sawtooth Mesh Network is designed to integrate CUAS sensors and effectors deployed at numerous locations into a unified mesh network addresses obstacles present in a dense urban environment, such as urban canyons and complex line-of-sight challenges.

According to the press release:

A key element of the demonstration was Black Sage’s data fusion capability. Instead of a confusing Common Operating Picture (COP) showing detections and tracks in relation to multiple sensor locations, Black Sage’s Sawtooth Mesh Network fuses data from all sensor locations and presents detections and tracks in relation to a single location selected by the operator.

For example, if a customer is looking to protect a senior government official standing at a podium outdoors in an urban environment, the customer will require that all detection and track data gathered from different sensor locations should correspond to the official’s location. Black Sage’s Sawtooth Mesh Network fuses the data from different sensor “nodes” to meet this requirement.

“Without a mesh network capability, it is impossible to provide Counter UAS protection in urban environments,” said Trent Morrow, Black Sage’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Our Sawtooth Mesh Network comprises sensors and effectors mounted on quad-pods at different locations with user friendly threat management software displayed on a computer. This complex system transforms into a simple solution allowing for easy, rapid deployment and operation.”

Black Sage’s DefenseOS threat management software platform and Sawtooth modular hardware platform are the cornerstones upon which the Sawtooth Mesh Network has been developed. The company’s open architecture software and hardware platforms deliver an automated, end-to-end Counter UAS system, including AI, automated target recognition and threat evaluation, ISR functionality, and kinetic and non-kinetic effectors.

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