Asian Navy selects Rafael’s TYPHOON Mk30-C counter drone naval remote weapon station

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems has announced a contract to supply its TYPHOON Mk30-C, counter-UAS Naval Remote Weapon Station (NRWS) to an undisclosed navy in Asia, according to the company press release. The contract is worth tens of millions of dollars and will be fulfilled over the course of five years, with an option for expansion for more systems over the course of the contract.

RAFAEL will install its TYPHOON Mk30-C onboard the client’s vessels, integrating it onto the ships’ own CMS, utilizing the system’s open architecture which allows for seamless integration, says the press release.

Equipped with the NGC Mk44S Bushmaster 30 mm gun and ammunition, the TYPHOON Mk30-C is designed to defend against multiple threats.

Rafael has a global install base of more than 750 medium caliber Stabilized NRWS Systems (the TYPHOON Family), and offers its TYPHOON Mk30-C counter-UAS as a solution for airborne, marine and shore-based threats, says the press release.

The TYPHOON Mk30-C fires all NATO standard ammunition with adjustable rates of fire, up to 200 rounds per minute. Its magazine holds 190/380 ready rounds on mount. With 70-degree elevation, coupled with ABM, the TYPHOON Mk30-C can defeat multiple small and medium UAS, including the latest emerging drone threats using a single ammunition load.

The system incorporates a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons and intelligent effectors that translate to high hit accuracies using advanced AI techniques, which enable Automatic Target Recognition, Classification and Tracking (ATR), as well as unique Automatic Fire Correction (AFC) capabilities.

The TYPHOON Mk30-C incorporates an on-mount Electro-Optical Director with a Fire Control System to optimize effective surveillance and engage threats in all weather conditions, day and night. Its high level of stabilization and pointing accuracy, result in a high hit probability, even against small and fast maneuvering targets. The system can be operated 24/7 in surveillance mode, offering multi-mission capability to the ship, says the company.

(Image: Rafael)

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