AeroDefense and Covered 6 establish partnership to enhance airspace security at public events

New Jersey-based drone detection sensor developer Aerodefense and Covered 6 – a Moorpark, California-based provider of comprehensive security solutions, have established what the companies describe as “a dynamic partnership” focused on enhancing airspace security at high-profile events and critical environments.

The partnership harnesses AeroDefense’s AirWarden drone and pilot detection and location technology and Covered 6’s extensive expertise in public safety within both government and private sectors. Covered 6’s successful deployment of the AirWarden drone detection technology at two nationally televised award shows has highlighted system effectiveness and reliability in real-world scenarios, reinforcing the partnership’s foundation on proven results.

Covered 6 comprises a team of seasoned trainers and consultants with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, the legal community, and corporate security. Many of its cadre have honed their expertise in challenging environments, including real-life combat scenarios and major crisis management, both domestically and internationally.

AeroDefense offers both fixed and mobile drone detection solutions tailored for stadiums, airports, correctional facilities, military forces, and other critical infrastructure. At the heart of its offering is the patented RF-based drone detection system, AirWarden, which detects, classifies, locates, and tracks drones and pilots simultaneously. This system provides actionable intelligence to effectively and safely respond to drone threats.

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(Image: The partnership seeks to enhance public safety and security at major events – such as sporting contests. Credit: AeroDefense)



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