Aaronia and ideaForge to provide counter-drone solution

German counter-drone company Aaronia has partnered with ideaForge to offer a combined solution to provide an intrusion monitoring solution to track dynamic threats for markets. Indian company ideaForge manufactures drones for defence, homeland security and industrial applications and the two companies are offering a single solution to mitigate drone threats. Aaronia’s AARTOS system detects the RF emission of any drone and offers a live situation awareness display. “Although drones are leading industrial revolution 4.0 and bringing about business transformation, the lack of regulations and ease of access to drones have led to an increase in their malicious use. Aaronia’s solution combined with ideaForge’s expertise will make way for safer use of airspace and yet allow monitoring of threats/assets on ground in a safe environment,” says ideaForge Co-Founder & CEO, Ankit Mehta.

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