Tackling issues related to remote pilot training, qualification & examination

By Peter van Blyenburgh

Subsequent to the kick-off meeting of its Working Group 2205-1 on Training, Qualification & Examination of Remote Pilots, Instructors & Examiners relative to flight operations in the ‘‘Specific’’ Operational Category, which took place at EUROCONTROL headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on 5 June 2022, United Systems Europe (USE) announces the creation of 19 Focus Groups (FGs) with clearly defined deliverables.

The purpose of these FGs will be to contribute to resolving issues that would otherwise hold back the development of the European professional drone operations market in the ‘‘Specific’’ operational category (BVLOS; below 400ft). These 19 FGs are organized in 4 Sub-Groups: Terminology, Modules & Training Syllabi, Model Documents, Training Assessment Guidelines.

For additional information on WG 2205-1

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