Type of C-UAS

SkyPatriot is a family of early warning optical drone detection systems. They use powerful AI video analytic software to rapidly and reliably detect, track, and classify multiple drones located kilometres away, in real-time.

The SkyPatriot family includes:
• SkyPatriot Sector is the entry-level optical system; incorporating a high-resolution detection camera that operates in combination with a 360° PTZ camera. The detection camera continuously scans its preset field of view for multiple objects, directing the PTZ camera to zoom-in on candidate targets.
• SkyPatriot Sector180/Sector360 systems build on the base SkyPatriot Sector setup but extends it to monitor 180° or 360° of coverage using multiple integrated detection cameras.
• SkyPatriot Hunter works on the same principle of combining a detection camera with a scrutinising PTZ camera but is enhanced by exploiting detection inputs from radar or RF tracking systems to direct the sector detection camera.
• SkyPatriot InSight supplements these systems by introducing a powerful AI-derived classification module, which incorporates an extensive catalogue of UAV signatures that can be used to identify specific drone types.

Drone defence deployments around the world with major customers include L3Harris, ST Electronics, Mistral, and Robin Radar Systems.

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