Nexter / Thales

Type of C-UAS

Nexter presented its ARX 30 and RAPIDFire (a programme with Thales) C-UAV systems at Eurostory 2022 equipped with medium-calibre guns, offering surface-to-surface and surface-to-air capabilities to counter new threats such as drones, missiles or loitering munitions at short and medium range. According to Global Business Press: “Nexter’s ARX 30 C-UAV will be available by 2025 and can defend against threats that are 1.5 km away. This remotely operated weapon system uses the 30M781 cannon, which equips the Tiger helicopter. This electromechanically operated gun, which uses NATO-standard 30×113 ammunition, is effective on small and medium-sized ground and air targets. It is presented in a C-UAV version, coupled with a MATIA radar.

“Nexter’s RAPIDFire in its land version can defend against targets that are 4 km away and is a 1/10th scale model identical to the naval version that will equip the new French Navy’s supply ships (BRF) by the end of 2022. This remotely operated multi-role artillery system, armed with the JAGUAR’s 40CTA gun, is equipped with its own tracking and pointing systems designed by Thales. Accurate and ergonomic, RAPIDFire offers a close-in self-defence capability against surface and air threats, from the smallest civilian drone to rockets, missiles, helicopters and aircraft. “

RAPIDFire is a weapon system which offers high precision thanks to its optronic fire control system integrated on the turret, its advanced algorithms, powerful gun and automatic ammunition management system allowing the best reactivity and efficiency for the operator, said a Thales press release. “RAPIDFire incorporates a 40 mm gun developed by CTAI, the international subsidiary of Nexter Systems and BAE Systems, to equip latest-generation armoured vehicles for the French, Belgian and British land forces. The system is compatible with the full range of amunitions developed for land forces programmes as well as the new smart Anti Aerial Airburst (A3B) rounds.”

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