Meteksan Defence

Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

Meteksan Defence’s KAPAN Anti-Drone system offers precise drone detection and tracking performance with a combination of radar, electro-optic systems and an RF jammer.

The full KAPAN system comprises:
• Retinar FAR-AD Radar
• Electro-Optic System
• RF Jammer
• Command and Control System

The Retinar FAR Anti Drone Radar System (Retinar FAR-AD ®) is a perimeter surveillance radar, developed to detect mini/micro UAV threats. Retinar FAR-AD ® provides effective protection against low and high-altitude mini/micro UAVs, with its 40o elevation angle. This radar can detect drones up to 9km according to RCS of Drones.

The Electro-Optic System of KAPAN uses MWIR or LWIR thermal cameras and HD day/night cameras on a pan tilt together. These camera systems can be cued on detected targets’ coordinate values, which are provided by Retinar FAR-AD ®.

The RF Jammer of KAPAN is a directional jammer providing protection for military bases, residential areas and airports. As the sector of jamming is limited to threat area, other zones of protected area are not affected by jamming. The current RF Jammer of the KAPAN system can jam frequencies between 433 to 5900MHz.

In late 2021 the Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries signed an agreement with Meteksan Defense to develop a new electronic warfare (EW) system that can detect and combat rogue drone threats as well as manned aircraft, helicopters and missiles. The system will be able to apply methods of electronic attack to the GPS and command and control (C2) systems used in many land, air and sea platforms.

Meteksan’s SEYMEN system will be used to jam or deceive a variety of threats, keeping friendly forces safe from harm. It will be composed of radar, electro-optic and electronic warfare elements integrated together on a military tactical vehicle.

SEYMEN will be able to jam and deceive navigational systems, including targets in multiple directions simultaneously and targets that use different types of GPS. It will also be able to record and analyse GPS signals, and link multiple systems together to perform co-ordinated tasks.

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