Type of C-UAS
Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

NEROD RF/ HG NEROD RF is a mobile counter-UAV solution composed of antennas integrated in a rifle. The operator uses it as a “normal” rifle: targeting with the sight and activating with the trigger, the jamming is directional. It is adapted to mobile troops and give them a fast answer against an attack. Nerod RF is the new generation of anti-UAV rifle developed in close collaboration with the armed forces to meet the requirements of the field. Nerod RF jams on seven frequency bands compared to the 5 bands of its predecessor, it is particularly adapted to military forces. NEROD HG is an ultra-compact and lightweight solution for close protection, specially suited for police forces. Its small size and weight of 2 kg make Nerod HG the most effective "small size" solution on the UAV neutralisation market. Easily transportable and usable, it can be quickly deployed with just one hand. It is the perfect combination of size and performance. This solution is designed as an alternative and not a replacement for the Nerod RF solution.

FLYJAM is a jamming solution designed to be carried as a payload on a UAV. “This system is effective against 95% of commercial UAVs,” says the company. “FlyJam has an operating time of 1 hour in continuous jamming. This system is effective against UAVs swarms.”

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