DroneGun, DroneSentry (X), Drone Sentinel, DroneCannon, Radar Zero, DroneNode, RFPatrol, Rf Zero, DroneOptID
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM, gun.

DroneSentinel provides the fully integrated sensor suite of DroneSentry without the DroneCannon RF countermeasure capability. With integrated data from all available sensors, users can rapidly detect and assess potential threats. An intuitive user interface provides live and historical data from all sensors, and broadcasts configurable alerts based on user-defined criteria. DroneSentry integrates DroneShield’s suite of sensors and countermeasures in a unified platform deployable in permanent or temporary installations. Incorporating RadarOne radar, WideAlert acoustic sensors, RFOne RF detectors, and DroneHeat and DroneOpt cameras (with integrated DroneBeam), Sentry correlates available data for users and provides maximum situational awareness and the quickest response to airborne threats. DroneSentry also includes the DroneCannon RF countermeasure, providing an end-to-end detection and response capability.

In February 2018 DroneShield announced the launch of RadarZero, a compact drone detection radar product. According to the company: “At roughly the size of a paperback book, the product can detect drones up to 750m away and sells for a fraction of the cost of the larger longer-range more conventional radars. Because of its small formfactor, RadarZero is portable and mobile. RadarZero complements DroneShield’s existing longer-range (larger formfactor) RadarOne product and is offered both as a standalone product and as part of the company’s DroneSentinel drone detection and DroneSentry drone detection and mitigation platforms. RadarZero does not replace DroneShield’s existing RadarOne module / product. Rather, it is offered as an alternative for relevant users and environments.”

In July 2018 DroneShield announced the next version of Rapid Scout® HQ, a vehicle with an integrated counter drone detect and defeat solution. The prior version of Rapid Scout® HQ incorporated a vehicle with an advanced surveillance capability, through a combination of a sophisticated mast-mounted CCTV platform on a vehicle. Going forward, Rapid Scout® will incorporate a counter drone module containing DroneShield’s RadarZeroTM (portable drone detection radar), RfOneTM (drone detection via an RF direction finder) and/or DroneCannonTM (counterdrone jammer) modules into the Rapid Scout® platform. The resulting product is believed to be a first of its kind, a non-military vehicle with a suite of counter drone multi-sensor detect and defeat solutions.

In October 2018 DroneShield released DroneShield CompleteTM v2.0, a software update for the DroneSentry & DroneSentinel products – drone detection and mitigation interfaces with enhancements to tracking, navigation, functionality and usability. DroneShield CompleteTM includes a graphic user interface (GUI) that compiles and analyses environmental data to display to the user seamlessly and effectively. This dramatically reduces reaction and response times.

The DroneShield CompleteTM GUI harnesses the advantages of each detection technology, providing the user with an early warning system and growing detection threat level as more data is gathered and processed.

Remote access to DroneShield products allows the customer to check status, configure system settings, monitor threat levels and respond in real-time. The browser-based monitoring application lets the customer view and control DroneShield detection and response activity from anywhere.

In October 2018 DroneShield announced the launch of DroneNodeTM, a portable, compact and inconspicuous counterdrone jamming device which can be utilised at large outdoor events by law enforcement “without raising public concern”, according to the company. DroneNodeTM is an evolution of the company’s existing DroneCannonTM product. The DroneNodeTM product is contained in a portable case sized at approximately 50x50cm: Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO commented: “DroneShield’s recent credentials in the area include the 2018 Olympics, the 2018 Commonwealth Games, 2018 ASEAN-Australia Special Summit, the 2017 Hawaii IRONMAN World Championship, and the 2015 – 2017 Boston Marathons.”

In May 2019 DroneShield announced the launch of its body-worn drone detection product, RfPatrolTM. According to a company statement: “Weighing under 1kg, the product is expected to be of significant interest to a range of DroneShield’s customer base globally, across military, law enforcement, security and VIP markets. Importantly, as RfPatrolTM is a completely passive (non-emitting) product, it substantially broadens the range of customers to whom the product is lawfully available. The product was developed in response to substantial customer interest. The MkII version of RfPatrol was launched in April 2020. According to DroneShield, the device is completely passive (non-emitting), increasing the range of customers to whom the product is lawfully available, and also appealing to use cases where the device cannot be detectable to the enemy forces due to having no emissions. The next generation of the product is approximately 40% smaller in size, with a reduced weight of 800g (including battery), further ruggedization, as well as a range of further enhancements requested by the end users following last 12 months of in-field deployments. The device can be combined with DroneShield’s Directional Antenna Unit (DAU) to determine the direction of the incoming threat.

In July 2019 DroneShield announced the launch of its DroneGun MKIIITM, a portable pistol-shape drone jammer, weighting under 2kg. DroneGun MKIIITM is designed to be an alternate rather than a replacing product for its DroneGun TacticalTM unit, having a shorter effective range of 500m versus 1-2km for DroneGun TacticalTM. In the same month Droneshield and Bosch Security announced a partnership to offer an integrated system for drone detection and mitigation. The solution combines Droneshield’s product suite of multi-sensor detection systems and products with Bosch Security’s video surveillance products to provide one system. The partnership expands market opportunities for Droneshield, in particular with Bosch’s large installed base in Asia-Pacific and globally.

In August 2019 DroneShield introduced a cost-effective version of its RfOne radiofrequency direction finder. The RfZero is an omnidirectional drone detection device with a 1km range (RfOne operates over 5km range) and can be integrated with the rest of the fixed site DroneShield product suite, such as DroneCannon, for either automated or manual drone defeat, once RfZero detects the drone. RfZero is a non-emitting device and is unlikely to be subject to regulatory constraints. Target customers include corporate users, prisons and commercial sites, while the company’s RfOne device is popular with airport and military customers.

In November 2019 DroneShield announced it had developed a vehicle-mounted drone detection and defeat product called DroneSentry-X. Weighing only 10kg, the compact unit is mountable on most vehicles across military, law enforcement, security and VIP markets. The product is suitable for both vehicle/convoy and fixed site installations and was developed in response to substantial customer interest. The system provides an affordable detect-and-defeat solution for price-sensitive customers as an alternative to DroneShield’s full-functionality DroneSentry product DroneSentry-X is a cross-vehicle compatible, automated 360° detect and defeat device. It is suitable for mobile operations with roof mounted sensors that can be automatically or manually activated to disrupt drone activity. According to DroneShield, DroneSentry-X offers the user real-time situational awareness while moving, with the ability to automatically counter drone threats detected by the system. The device can alternatively be deployed at a fixed site or as a temporary pop-up solution, with on site or remote operator access. The equipment provides detection of drones and protection in all directions, with the included digital control panel and display mounted for operator access.

In May 2020 DroneShield launched a new software product designed to support camera-based drone detection, identification and tracking. The DroneOptID software has an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) engine and uses computer vision technology to detect, verify and track drones in real time. It works seamlessly with DroneShield’s range drone detection and countermeasure devices. According to a DroneShield press release, the software is camera-agnostic and can work with a wide range of cameras. The initial integration includes Bosch MIC 7000 and 9000 cameras, with all current customers of those cameras globally now able to utilise this software. In addition to compatibility with DroneShield’s DroneShieldComplete native GUI, DroneOptID can be used in third party Command and Control (C2) systems.

In March 2021 DroneShield Ltd launched the DroneCannon MKIITM fixed site UAS/drone disruption device. According to the company the DroneCannon MKIITM is substantially lighter and more portable than the original DroneCannon, with increased durability and versatility made possible through advances in DroneShield’s proprietary waveform technologies, mechanical design and customised electronics.

In June 2021 DroneShield released a second generation version of its optical Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning based software DroneOptID 2.0.


In April 2019 DroneShield and the Saudi Telecom Company’s STC Specialized signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic relationship for both parties, and that they will co-operate on sales opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East.

Thales and DroneShield have a partnership through the Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program, with Thales having integrated DroneShield sensors into Thales military and aerospace broader systems.

In May 2021 DroneShield announced a partnership with Zenith AeroTech, a developer of customised tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs). As part of the distribution agreement with DroneShield, Zenith AeroTech will incorporate DroneShield’s DroneSentry-C2TM command-and-control ecosystem into its own family of TAVs, along with an Echodyne EchoFlight radar, to counter drone or drone swarm attacks.

In March 2022, DroneShield and Teledyne FLIR announced a partnership.

In April 2022 DroneShield announced an enhanced version of its Drone Sentry C2 Command-and-Control software, in partnership with location intelligence firm Nearmap.

DroneShield has a partnership arrangement with Trakka Systems.

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