Drone Labs

Drone Detector
Type of C-UAS

With a 360 degree detection radius of up to 1 kilometre (2km diameter), Drone Detector can provide ample early warning. It does not require Line-of-Sight to work properly and can detect drones behind trees, buildings, or other obstacles. The technology can even detect many drones when they are turned on. The Detector Stationary Units are meant to be deployed to a fixed location, such as a rooftop, to provide the maximum amount of threat protection up to 1 kilometre. The portable units, currently available as a beta product, can detect threats up to 500 meters and come in a convenient briefcase size form factor. For locations that don’t have access to wired or WiFi connections there is an optional 3G cell phone or satellite uplink module to provide communication in remote locations for most countries.

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