Digital Global Systems

Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

CLEARSKY™ combines automated RF spectrum analysis and drone threat management to provide stadiums with interference-free communications and a barrier against unauthorized drones. CLEARSKY™ uses patented technology to automatically capture, interpret, locate, and alert on rogue wireless signals, ensuring that stadium and field communications are available. The signal classification engine uses Artificial Intelligence to detect known and unknown drones in record times, and the drone defence mechanism keeps unauthorized drones out of restricted airspace while also disabling the drone’s video feed.

Stadium RF Operations
• Identifies and locates interference and performance issues for wireless camera systems, on-field radio, in-house audio-visual, TV broadcast, and staff radio.
• Assists with frequency coordination.
• Constantly learns the environment, identifying emerging issues and enhancements.
• Provides optimum performance models for different events – concerts, sports, etc., while fine tuning during the event.
• Mobile surveys/monitoring available for areas not covered by fixed nodes

Drone Threat Management Zone
• Push a button to engage drone detection and defence. No operator training required.
• Protection against single or multiple drones.
• Provides line of bearing to both drone and controller.*
• Stops unauthorized drone incursion without affecting other wireless communications.
• Disables video feed of unauthorized drone.
• Mobile and/or fixed-node deployments.
• Passively monitors wideband radio frequencies.
• AI learning engine can detect previously-unseen drone protocols and publish this new pattern to other DGS nodes in near-real time.

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