Chess Dynamics

Hawkeye Deployable System and EO
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

The Chess Dynamics Hawkeye Deployable System (DS) and EO Video Tracker, featuring both a long range colour camera and a high sensitivity Thermal Imager (TI), along with state-of-the-art video tracking technology, is able to TRACK the UAV and, combined with radar target information, classify the target.

In June 2019 Chess Dynamics developed an automated drone protection systems specifically for use at airports. Based on the military Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) AUDS, installed by Chess at London Gatwick Airport following the sustained drone attack in December 2018 which closed the airport, “the new scalable systems have been developed specifically to offer protection within the airport perimeter and flightpath for up to 10km from the runway,” says the company.

Based on two elements – AirGuard – protecting the airport perimeter, and AirShield – protecting the flightpath, the systems are configured to the specific requirements and desired level of security of each installation. Both systems are aimed at providing fully automated detection and alert to UAV presence to minimise resource required, and significantly reduce the risk of error and security response delay.

AirGuard offers a 3D detection and protection ‘bubble’ around the perimeter of the airport. Incorporating multiple sensors including radar, acoustic sensors, radio frequency (RF) direction-finders and electro-optical (EO) video tracking technology, the system automatically detects and tracks airborne objects and flags an alert to the operator. Using real-time analysis of the camera output, the operator can classify the threat and use a simple system to respond to an emerging situation, escalating or downgrading the security threat as required. It also allows the operators to provide necessary security agencies with accurate information, including recorded video evidence for future prosecution purposes, while minimising potential disruption from false alarms.

AirShield offers Air Traffic Control (ATC) operations an automated UAV detection and alert solution to maximise protection of the flightpath up to 10km from the runway, enabling rapid decisions to be made, including ordering aircraft to divert their course, should a threat be identified.


In early 2020 Liteye Systems (USA) signed a strategic alliance agreement with Chess Dynamics to market a portfolio of Chess products and services in the US. Products include an array of layered technologies designed to address force protection and surveillance.

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